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Get to Know Little Busy Bee Preschool
and Our Philosophy



Little Busy Bee Preschool and Miss Jess

Hi, Im Miss Jess. The lucky one that gets to spend time with the most awe-inspiring group of kids, everyday! I have been around young aged children all of my life and have always been drawn towards their innocence, wonder and curiosity for the world. I have always believed that young children hold a unique ability to remind adults to slow down and find happiness in the little things that often go unnoticed in our busy every day lives. With that in mind, I built this program. To give young children of all backgrounds a place to establish a healthy sense of community, find joy, build connections, ignite creativity and inquisitiveness, all while gaining a deep love for learning. To cultivate self-confidence and fortify foundational skills essential for lifelong success. 

I view each child as a whole being and strive to provide a space that supports their overall growth and development. I have always believed that fostering a welcoming environment and investing the time into building positive relationships with each child is a powerful approach to pave their way to happiness and success not only in school, but in life. 

In todays world, children are not spending enough time outside and it is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. In my view, anything that is learned indoors can be learned outdoors but with greater benefit. Another goal of mine with this program, is to spend ample time outside to help children see the joy in nature and establish a lifelong love for the outdoors. 


Play, Learn, Grow

At Little Busy Bee Preschool, we believe that child- directed play is the essence to building a well rounded individual. We foster a space that builds relationships, joy, creativity, independence, and an all around love for learning. As children are arriving, they may hang up their belongings and then begin their work. Children are invited to move freely about the space whether we are indoors or out. Exploring and developing interests while collaborating with peers or independently. Inside the preschool there is an art area, block corner, community tables for personal or group activities, playhouse, sensory and light table, reading nook and other areas that offer free exploration and play. A sense of agency and growth in children are unfolding while adult observation is continuously made to place new materials out that challenge and enhance play. At a minimum, 90 minutes of uninterrupted play is provided before we wind down and come together as a group to discuss our days findings. During circle time we may draw in our journals, read a book, or sing songs; Opening organic opportunity for early language, literacy and math skills. 

A healthy snack is offered each day at our community tables where conversation and friendships emerge. We then transition to the outdoors where a carefully curated environment is built to develop a love for nature and support the whole child. A playhouse, swings, climbing structures, slides, tires, sand and mud pit, mud kitchen, water tables, garden, grass area, bike and scooter path are offered. We go outdoors daily and take advantage of all types of weather. 

Our preschool schedule is predictable and has very little transition times. It holds structure but flexibility when it comes to each child's needs. Class sizes are small, holding a maximum of 8 children per class (for the 3-6 year old group) and a maximum of 4 children in the 2-3 year old group. Fostering a space where children thrive, feel valued, and are more likely to reach their full potential.

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