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Our Age Groups


2-3 Year Olds

We believe that nurturing a child's natural curiosity, encourages a love for learning. We value enthusiasm for exploration and discovery and take pride in nourishing each child's personal interests, creativity, and drive for independance. Little Busy Bee Preschool provides a clean and safe environment for toddlers to explore their ever evolving interests,  while developing a wondrous mind and a connection to the world around them. Even for the youngest of ages we believe that spending time outdoors often, is just what a child needs to grow a more advanced and capable sensory system--the foundation for all academic and life skills. Based on materials and experiences introduced, this class option is a perfect fit for children 2 years old, turning 3 in the year of 2024. 
Our goal at Little Busy Bee is to build and strengthen foundational skills for young children. We are dedicated to provide guidance, encouragement and support as each child embarks on their learning journey; Empowering them to be confident, curious and resilient individuals. We believe that child-led play is crucial for positive development and in fact strengthens social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. We take the time to build relationships with each individual child to design the environment around their developmental needs. Our mixed age approach fosters a sense of community and collaboration, allowing children to learn from and alongside each other.  Cultivating a nurturing and welcoming environment, where skills and character are continuously growing. Our focus for 3-6 year olds is to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of joyful learning and success. 

3-6 Year Olds

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